Has Anyone Told You That You’re A Bit Weird?

How many times have you been called weird? Or someone told you that what you’re doing is really weird? Some people have probably heard it more than others. I myself have heard it many times, and for many different reasons.

“You’re in college? And you’re 16? That’s so weird!”

“It’s kind of weird that you don’t stick to one style.”

“You’re hanging out with them? People are going to think you’re weird .”

“You use Matt Smith memes to make a point? You’re such a weirdo.”

        I hear stuff like this all the time, and not just directed at me. But let me tell you something, you ready?

 Weird is not bad.


  I know, shocker. You can’t base the way that you view yourself off of what other people think. I have devised a list of three ways that you can combat the “W” word. I myself am constantly working on these, but when I do go by this list, life is so much easier.

Let's do this.
                 Let’s do this.

1) You can’t please everyone.

Let me tell you, being an art major is really risky. If you’re in the same boat as me, or you’re another fine arts major (shout out to all my musical theater major friends), you’ll get at least one or two people who will:

 1) Say that that’s a weird thing to be doing with your life

2)Ask you how you’re going to support yourself and

3) Assume that it’s just a phase, and you’ll switch to a more “practical” major

down the road.

 These are the people I want to prove wrong. They are a motivation for me to keep pushing myself to succeed. I have chosen to embrace the fact that God blessed me with a knack for creative projects and a good work ethic. Who am I to not do what God has put on my heart to do with the skills I’ve developed? If someone calls you weird for doing what you love, just remember that there are way more people out there who think what you’re doing is awesome. You just get to prove the haters wrong.

Haters gonna hate.
Haters gonna hate.

  2) Your style is your business. Embrace it!

Okay, let me tell you a story. Fellas, stick with me, I promise that there’s a point. One day at school I wore a really flowery dress. It even had pink in it. Curled my hair and everything. There was no occasion. I just felt like it. The next day, I woke up and felt no motivation to look like a fashion model. I wore a gray v-neck, leggings, a flannel around my waist and my boots that are falling apart. The spent most of the day painting, and I ended up having stains on my skin from the oils. The next day, I wore cowboy boots. Just for the heck of it. A friend of mine and I were just eating lunch and he flat out said, “I seriously can’t figure out your style. It’s different everyday and it’s really weird.”

Ladies (and gents), you can’t let clothes define you. When I was younger, I was not into clothes at all, but now that I put more of an effort in my appearance, I dress for me, not anyone else. I love expressing myself through different styles of clothes; I don’t like being put in a box. One day, I might have a hipster vibe, and the next day I could be really girly. If I wanna wear cowboy boots, I’m going to wear cowboy boots. If you like a certain type of style, fine! Stick with what you like. But if you enjoy different kinds of clothes, don’t let the restriction of being a certain kind of person stop you from feeling awesome.

People, we have to stop judging people in general, especially just by outward apperances. Once, I went into a comic book store after church while wearing a dress and my hair done and all, and the guy at the front counter talked to me like I was clueless girl who just wandered into the store. When I go in there dressed in more comfortable clothes, I don’t get talked down to like I do when wearing more girly clothes. I’m guilty of this too! I have judged people by the clothes they’re wearing, and I was surprised to find that my assumptions were dead wrong.

 Bottom Line: You do you, and don’t judge other people!

Embrace your personal style
Embrace your personal style

3) Find the right friends

This one links back to #1. You are an awesome person. As an awesome person, you should be hanging out with awesome people. If you aren’t hanging out with people who are awesome, that can cause problems. Toxic friendships can chip away at your awesomeness. I have found myself struggling with this a lot over the past few years. Being in a college atmosphere, it’s very hard to keep my language clean. It’s so much easier to let a cuss word slip now after being around people who cuss constantly. That’s just one example. Toxic friendships can pressure you into many different things, from drug and alcohol abuse to just being mean to other people.

You want to find friends who embrace your weirdness. I want people who be interested in my life and enjoy the things that I enjoy. I don’t like being called weird, so having friends that think I’m weird is not a good situation. Friends that share a mutual weirdness are the best kind of friends. They build up your awesomeness and help defend against the anti-awesomes.

True friends have your back.
True friends have your back.

  No one is normal. Normal isn’t a thing. People need to stop trying to achieve normalness, because it is not possible. I feel that that it’s more that some people are more serious, and others like to be a bit more fancy free. Both kinds of people are needed in the world. So embrace the quirks that make you the remarkable person that you were made to be! It would be a very boing world if we were all the same.

Psalm 139: 14: I praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are Your works; my soul knows it well.

Until Next Time,



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