New Beginnings

To be honest, this post is mostly for my benefit. I need a way to hold myself to my New Year’s goals, because I have stuff that I really want to improve upon. So, here’s my list, out on the interwebs for all to see.


I have not read a book for fun since July, and it’s killing me. I love reading, and all I’ve read the past seven months have been non-fiction, depressing history books for my Civil War and biology classes. So, to fix this horrible problem, I found a pretty cool reading challenge to work to complete this new year.


There was a time in when I didn’t care too much about what part I got. Younger Abby was just happy to be on stage. But Younger Abby got older, and she started to worry about leads. Because of this change, theater has become a little bit harder to enjoy. This needs to change. To be thoroughly honest, I let not getting a certain part almost ruin a show for me. A friend of mine had to call me out for me to finally start to get over it, and that was half way through the runs of actual performances. It really sucked to have to hear out loud from another person, but it was dumb for me to be so angry about a part in a show. For this year, I just want to enjoy my musical theater experience again like I did when I was a little kid.


I have to take two math classes at college before I can take College Algebra in the spring of 2016. I hate doing math. While homeschooling, I developed sort of a mental block with math, because I could not figure it out. I want to keep my GPA up, so I have to learn how to do well in math class. Fingers crossed on this one. It’s gonna be hard.


I have so many projects in rough draft form. I really, really need to finish one. I would love to have something in print by December. It would be a huge dream come true, and it’s something I’ve been working towards for a very long time. The biggest thing that I think is holding me back is the fear that people won’t like the words that I have to say, which is a dumb reason to keep me from getting published. I’m done being scared! Let’s get stuff done!


Yeah, I have a workout goal. I got a free membership to our school gym, and I need to use it. The job that I currently have involves a lot of heavy lifting and requires a lot of endurance, so it would be nice to get in better shape. Which involves putting in the effort to get stronger. And sweat. Good thing I’m not a girly girl and enjoy baseball caps, because I will be a hot mess before and/or after class.


This is always a goal for me. Strengthening any relationship takes a lot of work, and important ones that you want to keep for a long time take a life time. The last few months have been extra rough, and I’ve had days where all I can do is sob and literally cry out to God for strength to get though the day. Sometimes, life is really hard, but I’m thankful to have Jesus to help bear my burdens. I let myself drift away a bit over the past six months, but I’m very excited to get back in shape with my relationship with God.

It’s important to have things to work towards, whether they’re huge goals, like moving to Timbuktu by the end of the year, or little ones like just learning out to keep your bedroom clean. I hope that you all are able to stick to your New Year’s goals! I know that mine are gonna take a lot of work 😛

Until Next Time,


II Corinthians 5:17, “If anyone is in Christ, they are a new creation. The old has pasted away, therefore the new has come!” 

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