Prayer Requests for Cinderella

Today, I plead for prayer for my precious cast. This has been one of the most wonderful shows I’ve been in, and I am so thankful for this great group of people. Prayers would be greatly appreciated as we get ready to open Thursday morning: *One of our lead cast members is very sick. Please pray for healing, and that any sickness will be swept away from the cast now and stay away. *Costumes are hard. Pray for the costume ladies to have wisdom and bursts of inspiration the next few days as they problem solve. Seriously, these women are awesome. *Sets can be scary sometimes. Pray that they will all be safe for the cast and crew. *Pray for the parents: that they feel love from their kiddos and that they are lifted up after all the work that they’ve put in. They have seriously done so much amazing work for us. We CANNOT do shows without our parent VOLUNTEERS (as in, no money for countless hours of work). *Pray for the crew. These guys are volunteers too, and they make the magic really come to life. Pray that they get everything learned quickly so that they can do their job safely to make the show look Incredible. *Our directors are rock stars. Pray that they get lots of sleep, have clarity and are able to get joy from all the work they have poured into us. *Pray for the hearts of the cast. Keep them joyful and obedient, and ready to perform for the Lord. Pray for physical, emotional, and spiritual strength to carry them through the next six days. *Pray for the audience members who are coming to see the show: that they are blessed by the performance and see Christ on the stage. *Lastly, this is a a big one from our director: Pray that everything that can go wrong in the show will go wrong tomorrow or Wednesday night. We want to get all of the mistakes and problems fixed now so that we can have major-error-free shows. There is much work to be done, but Cinderella goes up Thursday morning! Tickets are still available online at! You don’t want to miss this beautiful, magical show! Until next time, Abby

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