My “17” Bucket List

I love lists. They’re the best. I’ve thought of things that I would put on a bucket list before, but I decided to start a new tradition for myself to mark my 17th birthday. I have devised a “17” Bucket List. Below is a list of 52 things that want to do during my time of being 17. Some are easy, some are difficult, and some are really weird. I’m going to do my best to update it throughout this year, and hopefully I’ll have it all done by my 18th birthday! Then I’ll start on a new list!

Here we go:

Abby’s “17” Bucket List

1. Make a High School Year Book

2. Write a Song

3. Get Read Converse DONE! (March 29th)

4. Start Doing Archery Again

5. Put together a book of poems and doodles (Shel Silverstein Style)

6. Do a 365 Photo Challenge

7. Get a good ukulele

8. Finish an entire coloring book

9. Win a NaNoWriMo

10. Finish my 2014 money jar and start again

11. Do a 5k

12. Learn to throw on a pottery wheel

13. Do a cosplay

14. Finish a novel

15. Get a nice camera

16. Be able to do 100 sit ups in one day

17. Learn to juggle

18. Read a book in a day

19. Visit the Nelson Atkins

20. Go to a movie alone

21. Sort of learn how to skateboard

22. Go to a Con (any Con)

23. Get something (anything) published

24. Get a job in the art lab at school DONE! (March 30th) 

25. Create a website

26. Do a big puzzle

27. See the ocean

28. Do a stand-up routine

29. Plan a senior art show

30. Make a comic book

31. Finish my Doctor Who comic collection

32. Get my nails done

33. Go to a midnight premiere

34. Make a life sized drawing

35. Put together a manuscript for a picture book

36. Finish my 2015 reading list

37. Write a fan letter

38. Paint on a pair of shoes

39. Make a recipe book

40. FINALLY get my splits

41. Have a sidewalk chalk day

42. Learn how to use oil paint

43. Fill a sketch book

44. Learn how to play the harmonica

45. Draw in an old book

46. Have a Star Wars movie marathon

47. Read through the whole bible

48. Do a series of dance paintings

49. Be British for an entire day

50. Plan an awesome wedding speech

51. Go to Lawrence for the day

52. Put together an awesome portfolio for school auditions

Here’s to another year 😀

Until next time,


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