When Did I Become An Adult?

Yeah yeah, I know I’m not technically an adult yet. I’m still months away from being 18, but as I was sitting at my desk today writing business emails and making a to-do list for the summer, I asked myself, “When did happen?”

This summer, I’ll be traveling and doing shows and having a lot of fun, but I’m also having to do “adult” things. I have my own business and I am responsible for the piano education of nine children. Like, there are five mothers paying me weekly to be a teacher. I am an officer in two clubs at my college, and over the summer I am trying to get stuff ready for August so that when said month does roll around, I won’t want to go crawl in a hole and cry because I’m so overwhelmed with stuff to do. At my wedding job, I have to take care of guests and drive home when I am very very tired. Oh, and that car I drive in. I have to buy gas for it so that it will take me places. Not to mention I’m putting away money for when I go to “actual” college.

But despite the sometimes stressful situations, I don’t think I’d want my life to be any different. I don’t want to change who I have become.

We live in a world today where it’s more acceptable for teenagers and young adults to do just enough for them to get by. It’s encouraged by our media culture to slack off and just party, because you’re only young once. To girls my age, the TV makes me feel like the most important thing for me to be is independent and powerful, just as long as I have an adoring boyfriend by my side. It’s become a norm to be average, and we often get stuck in this cycle of mediocrity and irresponsibly.

I’m extremely thankful that I have wonderful parents and mentors who have taught me what hard work looks like. I’m glad that I’m learning how to handle money and how to be a good employee now, because when the times comes for me to leave my childhood home, I want to be stable enough to not just survive in the “real world”, but to thrive. Schools aren’t preparing their students by teaching them basic life skills that they need to be a functioning member of society, and many adults are struggling because no one ever taught them. I feel that our culture is setting up students my age to believe that they can’t live up to their full potential because everything is too hard, or too scary, or too risky. We aren’t encouraged enough to step up and be more responsible for our own lives, and that’s messed up! God created us to glorify Him with every thing  that we are, but you can’t do that when you’re only living your life averagely.

This is not me calling out my friends who don’t have a job or are still living at home after college, but it is me encouraging you to stop living in a cycle of mediocrity. If you spend your time doing sports instead of working part time, be the person to lift your team up, even when you’re in a ten game losing streak. If you live with your parents while you’re in school, for heaven’s sakes, get off the XBOX and go do the dishes. If you have a crappy, part time job (one, I feel you), do that work to the best of your ability, and be the employee to go the extra mile (even if it does mean mopping up puke in the bathroom). There are always improvements that can be made in our lives, but when you are living everyday to the fullest, you are on the right track 🙂

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go put my soap box away and find my coloring book. Hey, there’s no rule saying that adults can’t color 😉

Until next time,


2 thoughts on “When Did I Become An Adult?

  1. Wow I love it – the list of all the things you do made me realise how much I could be doing! And you’re right, we are encouraged to think that our lives will start (in terms of responsibilities etc) after school or after uni.


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