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Five Things You Should Not to Say to an Art Major

There are certain things that you just shouldn’t say to a student pursuing an art degree. Whether they’re an Illustration major with a teaching minor or a Ceramics/Photography double major, there are a handful of phrases that will make any art major want to dump paint over your head.

(Disclaimer: This is a slightly angsty post due to the fact that I have two weeks to finish three paintings and two drawings for the semester XD)

5) You just sit around drawing all day, right?

Yeah, no. Different art classes require different things, but you are never just sitting around drawing the whole time. You move around. You confer with your fellow class mates. You make a pot of coffee. You go cut paper with the monster paper slicer. You spend 30 minutes mixing colors for your next layer of paint. You make another pot of coffee. And then you go off and solve 23 other problems that just popped up. There’s a lot more to being an art major than drawing all day.

4) I could do that and/or your major is so easy.

Some people walk into a museum, look at a piece of art work and say, “I could do that.” Everyone has the ability to do art, but not everyone chooses to be an artist. There is so much that goes into every piece of art, many of which you don’t notice when you are just looking at it. Just because we get to do a lot of fun stuff doesn’t mean that it’s easy.

3) Did you know you have paint/clay/ink/etc. on your ________

Yep. We tend to be messy. Sorry.

2) There are a million other people just like you.

This is just kind of an overall nasty thing to say to anyone. Don’t shoot down a person’s dreams. You might think that you’re helping someone by being realistic, but how would you feel if someone came and stomped all over your goals?

1) Have you thought about how you’re going to pay the bills?

Oi vey, this is the worst. Yes, the art world can be quite difficult to get ahead in, and at the beginning it can be hard to make money. You don’t go into art for the money, but in recent years, there have been a lot more opportunities for artists in the realm of business. For future reference, yes, it’s something that crosses our minds and haunts our dreams, but we’re gonna figure it out.



Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to bang my head against the wall as I do math homework instead of drawing.


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BVN Repertory Theatre Presents “Jane Eyre: The Musical”

I’ve seen a lot of musical theatre, but I don’t think I’ve ever said, “wow” as many times as I did throughout Blue Valley North’s production of “Jane Eyre”. Over the course of two hours, this cast of high school students told the story of a young woman who faces trial after trial and through the course of the show, finds love. I was expecting a good show, but I wasn’t expecting something as extraordinary as what I saw tonight.

There was not a weak link in this cast. There was never one moment when I was cringing in my seat at a slip up or pitchy note. Each cast member was confident in their role, and therefore, every role was made important. From the school girls to Jane Eyre herself, each actor brought an emotion to their role that is a rare occurrence to see at a high school level. The ensemble worked as one unit to move the story along smoothly and professionally, leaving no dull moments in the show.

Along with the actors, the lighting, sets and music were absolutely fantastic. Lighting is extremely important, and I feel as though every lighting choice was beautifully chosen and executed perfectly. The sets were on and off quickly and professionally due to the efficiency of the cast and crew, not causing any delays or accidents. The design complemented the actors well and was the perfect fit for the production. The orchestra, consisting of Julie Danielson, Sean McCray, Kristen Xu and Vaugh Gessley, was gorgeous. Always on cue, this pit knew what they were doing, and they did a marvelous job.

I want to pay special notice to Elie Laville and Lexi Pudvan. Laville is the model leading man, bringing such intense emotion and a driving force every time he steps on stage. Playing the demanding Edward Fairfax Rochester, Laville’s acting and singing keeps the audience mesmerized,  whether he is shouting at his horse or pretending to be a gypsy woman. Pudvan, playing the title lead, is nothing less than phenomenal. Right from the get-go, she has the audience hooked, telling us her life story. With her amazing vocals and wonderful stage presence, Pudvan brings a certain kind of purity to her character that is often lost throughout the course of musical theatre.

I could not of thought of a better way to spend an evening. If you have the opportunity to see this show, take it. You will regret not getting to experience this amazing work of art. To the cast and crew, bravo. I thoroughly enjoyed all your hard work, and I wish you the very best as you close Friday night.

Charlotte Brontë would have been very pleased.

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Two Years

There are days were it just feels like yesterday when I was sitting at the kitchen table playing Jenga after dinner when my mom got the phone call. That night, some of my CYT family came over to my home to just be together as we tried to process the unimaginable. As I went to school that week, I would wander around campus, numb, not knowing what to do with myself as I tried to understand what had happened. In all honesty, I was mad at God. I was mad that He had taken Houston St. John off of this earth. I was mad that I would never get to see such a wonderful person again, and I was mad that my family was so devastated.

But oh, God is so good.

Through the devastation of losing Houston, CYT Kansas City banded together like nothing I have ever seen. People who had issues with each other forgave each other. Every hug was so meaningful. We wiped each other’s tears away and we loved each other like we never had before. As we worked through the pain, God worked through us.

A day hasn’t gone by where Houston hasn’t crossed my mind, and I couldn’t be more thankful that God let me have such an amazing person come into my life, even if it was for a short time. Houston was a prime example of what it means to really love people. He was one of the most, if not the most, talented human beings I have ever met, yet he was also one of the most humble. He didn’t let his talents get in the way of being a friend to everyone he came into contact with. He would never deny a hug, and would tell people “I love you” so easily. You don’t meet too many people like this, especially in high school. Houston didn’t waste any time; he was always working to become a better performer, but he was also working to spread as much joy to others as possible.

In the midst of heart break, God refined so many spirits. There are so many people who now strive to be the kind of person that Houston was on earth, and CYT KC has been shaped for the better because of it. As you go about your day, remember that you don’t know how much time you have left to love other people. God gave us the ability to love each other and share the grace that He has given to us. Life is a vapor, so view every day as an opportunity to spread love to everyone around you. It’s something that Houston was extremely good at 🙂

We miss you so much Houston, but thank you for helping us to better understand what it means to live life to the fullest.


Until Next Time,


Philippians 4:13 For I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. 

Thirty Years Was Long Enough

Crown. Taken.

 A little over a year ago, I was leaving Buffalo Wild Wings utterly crushed after they had lost the seventh game in the 2014 Series. I had needed to see them win. Last year was rough to say the least. A lot of things had happened in my personal life, and on top of all of that, my boys in blue lost the World Series. But a year later, there was an entirely different feeling in our family room as Wade Davis finished off the Mets. First World Series win for  this team in 30 years, and it was an awesome sight to see.


It’s amazing how something like baseball can bring an entire city together. For the past week, every where I’ve gone, the majority of people have been dressed in blue. You can strike up a conversation with just about anybody and end up high-fiving after discussing the latest game. This city has been brought closer together by our fellas who never gave up.


As I look back at last year and last night, I’m in awe of not just the World Series win, but by the unity of this team and their passion for the game. The Royals are a scrappy, confident, tight knit group that have set a high standard for MLB teams. Their sportsmanship is incredible, and the way that they play the game is amazing to witness. They are a a team that didn’t give up and rallied together to win a huge victory for their home town.


This passion that this baseball team has is the kind of passion I want to have throughout life; the kind of passion that makes you dig even deeper within yourself to win a victory. The attitude that this Midwest team has is a wonderful example for everyone of what it takes to be a champion, and it’s wonderful to see so many of the players giving glory to God through this win. So, thanks Royals, for bringing a lot of things full circle for me. I really appreciate it 🙂 Oh yeah, and getting me out of two tests tomorrow because campus is shut down tomorrow for the celebration. (Still have to take them Thursday, but at least I won’t be doing math while the parade is going on!)


Until Next Time,