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Dear 2016 Abby

Hey! It’s me, 2015 Abby. You may or may not remember writing this while watching Sherlock for the 27th time, but I’m sure you’ll run across it again a year from now.

You’ve had a lot of “firsts” during 2015. You flew in an airplane. You got your first of four bridges to fill the spaces in your smile. You swam in the ocean. You got your first (and hopefully last) college “C”. There were some bummer times, but there were also some really great times too. You learned how to use oil paints and build canvases. You got to play your favorite Disney character on a CYT stage. You saw “Star Wars Force Awakens” on opening night after bugging Mom and Dad for days.

During 2015, you saw a lot of changes, too. You met new friends, strengthened old friendships, and let some go. One of the biggest things you learned was that people are  so important, and while not everyone you love is going to stay in your life, it’s vital to love those around you while you can. You never know when it’s your last chance to show someone that you care.

Art and writing is something you decided you wanted to do seriously. I hope that when you’re reading this a year from now that you’re still working you tail off to reach your goals. Don’t give up on that; you’ve worked hard, so keep pushing. If things go as planned, right now you’re working on transferring to a new school. Hopefully, you’re taking good advice and finding the place that is the best suit for you. Don’t let the older kids scare you off 😉

Most importantly, I hope that a year from now, you’re still striving to build a stronger friendship with Jesus. Over the course of this year, your joy has been found by having Christ as the root of your life. When things started to unravel, you often strayed away from God, but when you went running to Him, there was always a silver lining. Don’t ever forget that He is in your corner and will always welcome you into His presence.


2016 Abby, I hope you are well. While things may be crazy, there’s great, big, wonderful things happening all around you 🙂



Have a Happy New Year Folks!


Until Next Time,



Turning One

A year ago today, I decided to take the plunge into blogging. My mom had been doing it for a while, and I thought it might be something that would help me with writing, since I’m working towards a career in the creative writing/illustration field. Not only has working on this blog opened up new discoveries in writing, it has helped me discover, well, me.



When I started this blog a year ago, I was not in a good spot. I was not happy. I was struggling with depression. I had a hard time being social, always feeling like I was putting on a mask when I went out with friends. Over the course of this year, I learned to channel my emotions that I was struggling to balance out through art and my writing. Through God’s wonderful timing, He brought me through a rough time by giving me inspiration for creative projects, as well as surrounding me with wonderful people.


Looking back on this past year, it’s kind of incredible how much I have changed as a person. I have gained so much more confidence and a genuine happiness in my work and relationships. Embracing change and running head on into new opportunities has been full of ups and downs, but through it all, I have become all the more stronger. There are times I look back with regret and wish I could change things, but that’s part of life. You remember the good and bad, but you can’t live in those past memories. As Wilbur would say, you have to “keep moving forward.”tumblr_m88rv7CGku1rcebrco1_500


My biggest goal for the New Year is to do just that: Keep Moving Forward. There are going to be bad, awful times, but there are also going to be really great times, too. Over this next year, I hope to be able to spread some encouragement through writing, and maybe even be able to give some light to people who are going through some rough times.


Merry Christmas to you all! I look forward to this new year of adventures!




Until Next Time,


Lessons Learned from the Hardest Semester of my Life

Walking out of my math final at 2:43 Thursday afternoon was the best feeling in the entire world. This semester was by far the hardest semester of school I have ever stumbled through, and I feel as though I have learned a few things that might be able to help others who decide to make the journey through the insanity that is college.

1.Grades do not define who you are. 

Heaven’s sakes, everyone needs this hammered into their brain. You’ve probably heard this before, but the grade you get does not tell you whether or not you are smart. You can get a D on a test and still be a really intelligent human being. Yes, it can really suck (trust me I know), but that red mark isn’t a reflection of your intelligence.

download (4)


2. Avoid starting online classes during the week you need to save China.

In translation: try to avoid starting a class during a very busy week where you can’t focus very well on it. Lesson. Learned. Starting my online class the show week of Mulan was very crazy, and I am so very thankful for wonderful friends who put up with me that week while I was dying.


3. Let sleep happen.

There are some nights where it feels like you feel like you need to stay up till 3am studying, but there are times where you just have to let yourself catch some zzz’s. Yes, there will be late nights, but try not to let them happen too many nights in a row.


4. Literature teachers are really hard graders.

I’ve taken upper level classes before, but word of warning: if your English/literature/History teacher seems super chipper and really passionate, they will be the hardest graders EVER. Writing is kind of my thing when it comes to school work, so getting an 82% on my first essay was kind of a wake up call for me. Granted, it was still a decent grade, but I was not crazy about getting a “B” on a writing assignment.

giphy (5)


5. You can make the greatest friends by bonding over your suffering. 

Whether it’s the people at your work table in an art class or the girls in your row in math class, connecting with people who are on the same struggle bus as you can be crucial to making it through the semester. Don’t be afraid to talk to the people around you; you never know when you’ll be meeting someone who will help you through the craziest of times.

(I’m looking at you, Hailey and Emily ;D)




I am so extremely relieved to be done with this semester, but looking back at it, I am grateful for the many lessons I’ve learned over the course of it. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to focus on the really important stuff: STAR WARS OPENS NEXT WEEK! Time to marathon!!!!!!


Until Next Week,