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Live Now

You are here for a purpose. A really important purpose, I might add. You were born at a certain time in a certain place into certain circumstances that have brought you to where you are today. While it might not seem like it now, your life so essential. It might not be in a huge, top new story kind of way, but you have a very specific mission: to live the life that was given to you to the fullest.


Often times, we kind of just coast through life. We do everything just well enough to get by. We hang out with people we love, but don’t really invest in saying hello to the person sitting next to us in math class. We come home everyday after work and binge Netflix for hours at a time to unwind from the day.


What if we truly lived. What if we got out of our comfort zones? What if we went the extra mile? What if we talked to that person sitting next to us? What if, instead of sitting around, we got up and did something great?


I’m preaching to myself more than anything. I’m part of a group called HYPE, and we’re studying a book called Do Hard Things. This is a book I’ve read three different times, and every time I read it, I get encouraged to make big changes in my life. While big changes can be really great, little changes can go a long way to living life more fully. Recently, I’ve made a conscious effort to try and smile at people while walking around campus instead of glancing away or staring down at my phone. Let me tell you, that’s harder than doing a show for 500 strangers, but it’s something that has become a habit and is becoming a lot easier to do.


Life is too short and too fragile to live safely. Pushing past comfort zones is the biggest step you can take to living out the life that you were created to live. Every person is so important, and by making the choice to live presently can make a huge impact in someone else’s life. Don’t let disastrous circumstances make you come to the realization that you only have so much time on this Earth. Do everything you do to the very best of your abilities. Love others as though you are the only person that will ever show them that they are valued. Spend less time wasting time. Live now. 



Until Next Time,



In the Midst of Pain…

The past month or so has been full of reminders how fragile yet resilient human beings can be. A local police officer/former Marine from our church getting into a horrible motorcycle accident; a boy I’ve known for years is currently paralyzed from wreck and is getting ready to start rehab; as I write this, I’m sitting in my uncle’s hospital room, who is recovering from a heart attack. 

A few years ago, I would have been angry with God for all the pain that was happening to people in my life. How do I know this? Because I’ve been angry with God about pain before. When my friend Houston died, that was hard for a ton of people, and there was a period of time when I was very mad at God. I hated that my friends were in pain, and it a very tough patch of work through.  

 I feel that Houston entering into Heaven though made me want to grow a better relationship with God. While it was hard for the first month or so, the gap in my life was able to be filled by spending time getting to know my Heavenly Father. It’s not a one way street; being a Christian means that you have a relationship with Jesus. In any relationship, it’s a give and take. Imagine if a friend you loved to the moon and back only asked you for stuff. They never asked how you were doing or wanted to get to know you. We as humans would probably drop that friend after a while. 

Often times, that’s how we are with God. We ask for His blessings and for Him to answer our prayers instead of trying to get to know Him. It can be a hard road, believe me. It takes effort, but all the greatest relationships take a lot of effort. 

In the midst of pain, I feel better equipped to be content in hard situations because I better understand the God who is in control of everything. There’s still so much I need to learn, but I’m so thankful that my God is the God who wants to a thriving friendship with me. As I pray for the people who are hurting, I am able to pray with confidence that God is not only watching over us, but is working through us. 

Keep Nate, Cayden and Corey in your prayers as they all work through their medical battles. Through it all, God is good. 
Until Next Time, 


Thoughts I Have While Practicing Piano

After playing piano for twelve years, there comes a point where you are able to just sit down and work on a new song with ease. Then, there are those other times were you want to throw your piano out the window because the song you’re working on has five key changes on every page. During my practice sessions, there are usually a few reoccurring thoughts that run through my head, and sometimes come out of my mouth as I mutter angrily as my dog looks at me like I’m crazy.


And what better way to illustrate these thoughts than with Hamilton? 🙂


“Aw, this looks easy!”

It’s probably in the Key of C at the beginning. False hope. It’s always false hope.

images (3).jpg

“Shoot, octaves.”

My hands are small; octaves are hard.



“Oh right, there’s three flats.”

Everything now and then, you forget, especially after you’ve already changed keys twice.




When I get the first page down of an eleven page song.




When I can’t get the fourth page down of an eleven page song.

giphy (6).gif


“Why am I even doing this?”

When the music is no longer pretty.

download (5).jpg

“Well, I guess it isn’t that bad.”

When someone says what I’m playing sounds nice.




When I finally finish a song.




Sometimes practicing can be a real pain, but it pays off in the end 🙂



Until Next Time,




Me, Myself, and Star Wars

Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens is continuing to smash box office records in its fourth week in the theaters. For the past few years, fans were worried about this new installment to the franchise, fearing that Disney would run the series into the ground.

I think it’s safe to say Disney did a decent job with this film.

Thanks JJ. 


Star Wars has been near and dear to my heart for quite some time now. Middle school was not the greatest time for me. Friends were changing, school was boring, and I was having a hard time finding a foot hold. When I was in 6th grade, it wasn’t the coolest thing ever to be into Star Wars, but never the less, that’s when I began my geek journey. I remember seeing Star Wars books in the school library, and became fascinated by the art and writing. I knew a few things about the main characters, but I had never seen any of the films. So, because I wanted to read the books in the library, I got a hold of the original trilogy. Ever since then, I’ve been in love.

Han gif.gif

Like I said, middle school was rough. I had just started doing theater intensely and was considering homeschooling. One of my escapes from the drudgery of  school was Star Wars. I would draw my favorite characters. I would read any book I could get my hands on. I would write fan fiction (granted, really awful fan fiction, but I filled several note books with my stories). I was starting to really understand that I wanted to be an artist and writer like the people who made my favorite fandom.

7th grad fan ficiont

(7th Grad Fan Fiction FTW)

Star Wars also creeped into my theatre life as well. I’ve loved doing stage combat for as long as I’ve been a part of CYT, and there were a few summers that I got to do Extreme Theater summer camps, which involved fight training. After a few years of being a camper, I got to be an assistant instructor, one of the camps being Star Wars themed. I was over the moon, and getting to choreograph lightsaber battles for the campers was super fun.


While being a huge Star Wars fan caused a few bumps in the road when I was younger, I love the universe that has come from the franchise. It has inspired me to be a better artist, writer, and performer. I hope to one day make things that inspire young people to chase their dreams, just as Star Wars has done for me.



I look forward to the new films with high and hopeful expectations, grateful for the fact that my generation gets to have new adventures to experience in a galaxy far far away.



Until Next Time,