Things I Do While I’m Sick

I hate being sick. I don’t think there are too many people who like being sick, but I can’t stand it when it happens to me. Slowing down is not my thing, so when I am forced to because my body isn’t working, it’s a huge bummer. This last month has been full of extreme ups and downs, and despite my constant use of oils and hydration, I finally crashed. But, in light of the fact that I have the slight feeling of being hit by a bus, I have learned a few habits that I have when I’m sick.

1)Binge watch the cartoons of my childhood.

Whenever I take naps to try and sleep off the sick, I usually have some form of Netflix show playing in the background. I have found the Jimmy Neutron movie, Dragontales, and the ever classic Veggietales, and I have no shame. Thank you, Netflix, for fueling my exhausted nostalgia.

2) Start really sappy love-story books.

I’m more of an action adventure book reader, but every now and then, I’ll start a super sappy lovey dovey book. The thing is, most of the time when I’m in the mood to read these is when I’m sick. I dunno if there’s some deeper meaning behind this, but it is what it is.

3) Decide that I’m better and do something dumb.

This could be anything from singing musicals on the way home from work when I have a sore throat to playing a vigorous game of basketball.  I get these weird bursts of energy that make me think, “Wow, I’m not sick anymore! Let’s jump back into life!” I don’t wanna miss out on the fun, you know?

4) Realize that everything was a lie and feel gross again.

It’s a vicious cycle. I feel great for about 10-20 minutes and then I crash hard. You think I would have learned by now, but I assure you, the next burst of energy I get, you can bet I’ll be belting the soundtrack from Hamilton or practicing for a rematch in HORSE with my Dad.

5) Write a dumb blog post instead of a cool and/or interesting piece of writing.



Sometimes, you just have to chill out and let your body fix itself. Maybe someday, I’ll learn.



Until Next Time,


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