Dear 2017 Abby

Dear 2017 Abby, 
At the moment I’m writing this, I’m in a Lincoln log motel and then ball just dropped in New York City. After scrolling through Facebook and seeing the letter that 2015 me wrote, I thought I might as well continue the tradition. So, here’s a very tired, possibly incoherent letter to you, 2017 Abby.  
This was a rough year. It was a year of loss. It was a year of stress. It was a year of confusion. But Abby, it was still a great year. 
You played two Disney characters, one of them being a role your child hood CYT hero played too. You got way more confident in dance. You finally went to Disney World and cried all over Mulan, Sulley, Peter Pan and Belle. You saw two Broadway tour shows (one twice, and both of those times in the front row). You learned to shoot film and took great classes that made you a better artist. You went to a different continent to love on the most precious kids in the world. You got another C in math, but you ended with a 3.76 GPA. You GRADUATED! 
You also continued to love people. You have an understanding that life is short and can be gone in an instant. There is no time to waste. While there was hurt, there is nothing to gain from shutting out the people who you love. This year, especially the second half of it, you thought a lot about Houston. Remember how he inspired you to do your best to spread love to everyone? Keep that in mind for your last few months of CYT and for the rest of your life. 
By this time next year, you have most likely finished your first semester at whatever school you landed at. I know you don’t know where you’re going at the moment, but that’s okay. It’s gonna work out; things always do. Keep working hard. You’re gonna make it!!!
This year, you lost Grandma Wolff. You had wonderful people around you to carry some of the weight while you were an ocean away from your family (keep Avery around forever). Be willing to be there for others like your Romania team was for you. Also, don’t ever lose sight of the legacy that Susan Wolff left to you. Strive to be a Woman of God like her; she was incredible. 
2017 Abby, I hope you have joy that flows through your whole being. You are loved by a wonderful God who always has your back. Life can be messy and crazy, but He’s got you. Keep at it, girl ๐Ÿ™‚ 

2016 Abby 

Cheers to 2017 ๐ŸŽ‰

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