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The Best Cartoon to Ever Happen

Okay, so I’m running on a cup of coffee (that I almost dropped my phone into) but fighting off NyQuil that is trying to knock me out. It’s 10:27pm and I’ve been sleeping half the day and dancing throughout the other half. I’m about to hit crisis mode before this musical opens. In light of this, let’s talk about the best tv show to ever exist EVER:

Gravity Falls


After I made the family watch Girl Meets World a few years ago, my brother Jeremy suggested that we start watching a new Disney show about a set of twins who go to live with their great uncle in a very strange town over their summer break. The show follows Dipper, a very smart boy who wants to crack the mysteries surrounding the town, and his sister Mabel, a girl who embodies the word “whimsical”, as they make friends and discover the insanity that makes up Gravity Falls. Their con-artist Gruncle Stan hides his own secrets throughout the plots, and we come to find that his has a truly huge mystery that he has been trying to overcome the whole summer. 

Spoiler time: if you’re reading this and plan to watch this brilliant piece of television, scroll past this paragraph. When you see the next gif, you are safe. Come back after you’ve enjoyed two seasons of beautiful story telling. 









In season 2, the twins find out that Stan is actually a twin himself, as he pulls his brother, Ford, from an inter-dimensional time portal. The two brothers are at each other’s throats, even when saving the universe was in the balance. It wasn’t until Stan and Ford realized that they needed to regain the comradery like Mabel and Dipper have that they were able to work as a team to stop the evil triangle demon, Bill. Anyone who hasn’t watched the show would probably think that this is a super lame villain, but I kid you not, he is one of the best written villians in a TV show that I have ever seen. 





End of Spoilers


I love this show. It’s a very complex story full of cyphers and mysteries for the audience to try and crack. In fact, the fan-base figured out what major plot points through clues before the episode even aired. Stories that inspire that much passion are to be commended. Television like that is what inspires me to keep working on my own stuff. If I could create something that inspires that much excitement, I would be a very happy wolf pup. 

There’s a quote I found from Alex Hirsch, the creator of Gravity Falls. It says, “Gravity Falls was never meant to be a series that goes on and on forever. It’s meant to be an exploration of the experience of summer, and in a larger sense, a story about childhood itself. The fact that childhood ends is exactly what makes it so precious, and why you should cherish it while it lasts.” I found that quote while scrolling through my Pinterest, sitting on the couch with Jeremy on the floor with his giant blue exercise ball. We had been watching episodes all day together, enjoying each other’s company and not at each other’s throats. It was so nice. 

When I was living at home, I got my bro-bro to get off the Xbox tonight and come watch more episodes with me while I worked on a new drawing project or fought against my homework. I hope that my friend’s kids are watching my shows or reading my books and feeling the same whimsy I feel when I enjoy stories. I plan to start another watch-through with Sweet Ben and a new college buddy very soon. If you too would like to experience a story that will make you feel good about life, check out Gravity Falls: you will not regret it.



Until Next Time,


Me, Myself, and Star Wars

Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens is continuing to smash box office records in its fourth week in the theaters. For the past few years, fans were worried about this new installment to the franchise, fearing that Disney would run the series into the ground.

I think it’s safe to say Disney did a decent job with this film.

Thanks JJ. 


Star Wars has been near and dear to my heart for quite some time now. Middle school was not the greatest time for me. Friends were changing, school was boring, and I was having a hard time finding a foot hold. When I was in 6th grade, it wasn’t the coolest thing ever to be into Star Wars, but never the less, that’s when I began my geek journey. I remember seeing Star Wars books in the school library, and became fascinated by the art and writing. I knew a few things about the main characters, but I had never seen any of the films. So, because I wanted to read the books in the library, I got a hold of the original trilogy. Ever since then, I’ve been in love.

Han gif.gif

Like I said, middle school was rough. I had just started doing theater intensely and was considering homeschooling. One of my escapes from the drudgery of  school was Star Wars. I would draw my favorite characters. I would read any book I could get my hands on. I would write fan fiction (granted, really awful fan fiction, but I filled several note books with my stories). I was starting to really understand that I wanted to be an artist and writer like the people who made my favorite fandom.

7th grad fan ficiont

(7th Grad Fan Fiction FTW)

Star Wars also creeped into my theatre life as well. I’ve loved doing stage combat for as long as I’ve been a part of CYT, and there were a few summers that I got to do Extreme Theater summer camps, which involved fight training. After a few years of being a camper, I got to be an assistant instructor, one of the camps being Star Wars themed. I was over the moon, and getting to choreograph lightsaber battles for the campers was super fun.


While being a huge Star Wars fan caused a few bumps in the road when I was younger, I love the universe that has come from the franchise. It has inspired me to be a better artist, writer, and performer. I hope to one day make things that inspire young people to chase their dreams, just as Star Wars has done for me.



I look forward to the new films with high and hopeful expectations, grateful for the fact that my generation gets to have new adventures to experience in a galaxy far far away.



Until Next Time,



I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie

As far back as I can remember, I’ve been a book lover. There’s a few pictures of me in old photo albums with stacks of picture books and of trips to the library. There’s even a few librarians that have watched me grow up since we moved to the home that we’ve been in for the past 13 years.

Sadly, due to the intensity of a few of my college course over the past academic year, I wasn’t able to read any leisure books while I was doing school. It was a very sad situation. I was reading mundane textbooks that made me bored out of my mind, and all I wanted to do was dive into my stack of library books. I’m one month into my summer, and since I got out of school, I’ve read a grand total of eleven books. There have been days where I lay in bed for hours at a time just soaking in words, and because I have started reading again, I’ve wanted to write again.

When you start to develop a skill, such as writing, there are times were you need to go back to the thing that inspired you to start developing that skill. Looking back, the writing that I did when I was consistently reading was loads better than when I wasn’t. Studying books that you love and even ones that you dislike help your brain learn the kinds of techniques you want to use when making your own style. Plus, reading helps you build your vocabulary and is a great way to keep your mind sharp. If you’re going to write, you need to know what people like and don’t like reading.

If you are interested in the books that I’ve been reading, you can check them out at my Goodreads here: I’ve been reading a lot of Young Adult fiction, but I’m also reading through some comic books and art history books. If there’s a book that you love that I should read, let me know! I really enjoy finding new things to read 🙂

I hope everyone’s summer is going well!

Until next time,


Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey… Stuff

Have you ever had one of those weeks when time seems to be going really slowly, but is flying by at the same time? Well, that’s been me this week. The days have seemed super long, but here we are, and it’s Thursday. Almost to the weekend! Since time has been such an issue for me this week, I decided to share some interesting facts about the subject that I thought were super cool (and it was totally NOT inspired by me procrastinating working on a paper by looking at one of those boredom websites with really weird fun facts that no one really needs to know….).

  1. When the second hand on your clock appears to take longer than a second to tick, it’s your own brain working against you.

Studies about brain imagery have shown that our perception of time stretches backwards when our eyes shift from one point to another. Our brains “fill in the gap,” creating the illusion of a drawn-out second. That’s why it sometimes seems that the second hand just jumped back.


  1. The average person falls asleep in 7 minutes.

This might be a shock to those of you who have a hard time falling asleep, but on average, it takes a human about 7 minutes to fall into a steady sleep cycle.


  1. Halley’s Comet passes the Earth every 76 years.

The next time it will pass by us will be in 2062.


  1. There are 31,536,000 seconds in a year

That’s 525,600 minutes. And now all the musical theatre nerds are humming a certain song in their heads.


  1. The longest time a person has been in a coma is 37 years.

I guess they aren’t counting Captain America’s 70 years as a Cap-sicle.


  1. A lion eats once every 3 to 4 days.

It probably helps that they spend about 20 hours a day sleeping/lounging around Africa.


  1. The human body creates 2,500,000 new red blood cells every SECOND.

Every second guys.


  1. It takes 22 months for a elephant to develop from a zygote to a full grown infant.

Nine months doesn’t sound so bad now does it?


  1. In one year, light will travel a distance of 5.86 trillion miles, which is 240 million times around Earth.

Albert Einstein wrote a series of papers in 1905 that use this concept of light years as a main focus.


  1. The longest running sci-fi television show is “Doctor Who”.

Come on, I couldn’t not put in a Doctor Who fact 😛


If you know any other time facts, post them in the comments below! I’d love to read them! Have a great rest of your week, folks!

Until Next Time,


Books to Check Out-January 2015

Since I am doing a reading challenge for 2015 to get back into reading regularly, I thought I would start something new for this blog and share the books I read month to month. Under reach mini review, I’ve also posted my YouTube book talks. Feel free to check them out! Maybe you’ll find something that sparks your interest!

Can’t Look Away by Donna Coonercan't look away

I dunno how your library works, but my library has a section that has new releases on display. In December, I grabbed this book after reading the inside cover. If you are active on YouTube, you know about beauty gurus. I’ve watched videos made by girls who give beauty advice before, and though I personally don’t watch them often, the category on the website is huge. The book follows a girl who is one of these YouTubers after her sister is killed in a hit and run case. She moves with her family to try and start over, and the story follows what can happen when you put out so much of your personal life on the internet.

I personally had a very hard time liking the main character, but I enjoyed almost every other character in the story. It was a very quick read, and it gives a good perspective on why it’s important to be careful with what you say on the internet.

Overall rating: 3.5/5 Beauty Vlogs

Link to Book Talk: 

Dragonsdale by Salamandra Drake2-Steves-157-208x300

I didn’t really have a horse phase as a kid, but I did have a dragon phase. From about 5th grade to 7th, I was constantly reading books about dragons, and this was my favorite one. This was a reread, and it was funny because I remembered almost all of the dialogue, since I had read this book at least eight times in grade school 😛 A big reason why I kept rereading it was because it was written by a 16 year old. If she could do it, why couldn’t I do it too?

The story follows a girl who works with her father in a dragon stable. She’s very good with the creatures, but she’s not allowed to ride them. It’s a good story about learning how to deal with bullies, working hard, and chasing your dreams. I highly recommend it to kids with active imaginations who enjoy magical stories.

Overall rating: 4/5 Dragon Scales

Link to Book Talk: 

Tales from a Not-So-Glam TV Star by Rachel Renée Russelldork

The Dork Diaries Series is a series that is almost embarrassing to talk about for me, because I LOVE it. Seriously, it’s kind of sad. It’s the Diary of a Wimpy Kid for girls, and the art is so much better.

This one is the seventh book in the series, and to be honest, it was my least favorite. I still liked it, but it seemed the most superficial. I didn’t like how the main character was written, because I felt she was acting so out of character. But overall, it was still a nice read. I recommend this book to pre-teen/tween/middle school girls, or high school/college kids who want an easy, funny read.

Overall rating: 3/5 TV Stars

Link to Book Talk: 

Tales from a Not-So-Happily Ever After by Rachel Renée Russell51LjcPf6gsL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_

Yes, this is another Dork Diaries book. This is the eighth book in the series, and this was actually one of my favorites. It’s basically a bunch of classic fairytales jumbled up together into one really funny journal. It’s best to read the other seven first, but I feel that this one could be read alone (though it will spoil some stuff :P). Just go start reading the series right now.

Overall Rating: 4/5 Fairytales

The link above talks about this book too!

UnDivided by Neal Shusterman17950614

            Oh boy this series. This is actually the final book in a four part series, the first being Unwind. I have been invested in this series since about 2011, and I highly recommend reading these books all at once. The story is amazing: very thought provoking and intelligently written. But they drag on, especially when you are waiting year to year to read the next part. The series was originally only two books, but it ended up being four (I can’t imagine being his editor).

It discusses the Pro-Life/Pro-Choice fight, and what would happen if a new option came around to get rid of abortion: unwinding. Children between the ages of 13 and 18 can be sent to unwound by their parents or the state, which means that every part of their body, including blood and all internal organs, apart to be used in hospitals or for cosmetics. The child is technically left alive, as in their conscious is still intact, but anti-unwind citizens view it as murder. It’s a good reminder of how we can become so callused to awful things in our society, and the measures that need to be taken to stop injustice. Definitely worth the read, even though it does drag in a few spots.

Overall Rating: 4/5 Rewrites

Link to Book Talk: 

This Star Won’t Go Out: The Life and Words of Esther Grace Earl by Esther Earl tumblr_myzmu3QbB81tp4avro1_400

The Fault in Our Stars is one of my favorite books, and this is a book about the girl who inspired John Green to write it. Esther Earl lost the fight to cancer at the age of 16, but not before living a wonderful life. The book is a collection of her journals, Caring Bridge posts, and stories from friends and family, including John Green.

This book a great reminder that you can live and extraordinary life just by loving the people around you. Esther was a follower of Christ, and she loved people to the best of her abilities while she was on Earth. It was a good reminder for me to love the people around me while I have the time, because you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Overall rating: 5/5 Tissues

Link to Book Talk:

Creative Time and Space: Making Room for Making Art by Rice Freeman-ZacharyCreative time and space

This is a great book for all types of artists. If you are trying to be an independent artist, give this book a read. It’s got some great tips for using your times wisely and making the best of the space you have. I really enjoyed it and I would recommend it to artists of all ages, mediums and talents!

Overall rating: 4/5 Paint Brushes

Link to Book Talk: 

I hope that one of these books sparked your interest! I hope to have more great books to share with you in March!

Until Next Time,



My Hug Bucket List

Alright, time to put on my fangirl hat.

Everyone has at least one person that they want to meet. Whether it’s an actor, musician, author, or famous juggler of pies, we have someone that we would love to bump into. So I have devised a list of ten people that I would love to hug someday. Granted, there’s about a 0.01% chance that I’ll meet any of these people, but you never know!

Here we go.

10) Lopti10933775_763015003778574_4835448697300626576_n

There’s a young woman who cosplays and models and posts her pictures on Facebook that I really enjoy following. She’s very humble, hilarious, and come to find out, my Sister in Christ! When I was younger, I even drew fanart of her 😛 It would be super cool to meet her and just tell her that I love her sweeteness and constant awesomeness on the internet.

Chris-Hemsworth-photoshoot-in-black-shirt-in-praying-position-and-smiling9) Chris Hemsworth

He’s Thor. And he’s a big teddy bear. Who wouldn’t want a hug from this guy?

8) Tara StrongTara_Strong

You’ve probably heard Tara Strong’s voice hundreds of times without even knowing it. She’s a very talented voice actress who has created the voices of characters such as Timmy Turner, Harley Quinn, and Twilight Sparkle. Really cool lady.

Unknown7) John Green

John Green makes me cry, yet I still would love to meet him. I throughly enjoyed “The Fault in our Star”, and I watch his and Hank’s videos week to week on the Vlogbrothers channel. I also wouldn’t mind getting some writing tips from him.

6) Jenna FischerPromo-Photo-pam-beesly-5491372-330-495

Oh Jenna ^_^ “The Office” is by far one of my favorite TV shows, and Pam was always my favorite character. I felt like I related to her the most, and I was always cheering her on as she grew as a person over the course of the show. I just wanna hug her and thank her for inspiring me, even though I know she really isn’t Pam ;P

images5) Benedict Cumberbatch

British actors are my kryptonite. I very much enjoy Cumberbatch’s work, and I really like that he doesn’t take himself too seriously. I feel that it would be fun to have a conversation with him, as long as I could keep from giggling 😛

how-taylor-swift-conquered-the-music-world-by-age-224) Taylor Swift

Yep, mock if you will. I adore Taylor Swift, and I wanna give her a hug and thank her for writing the songs that I belt on long, lonely car rides.

Tom Hiddleston as Loki3) Tom Hiddleston

I feel as though he was my first real celebrity crush. He can be such a goober, but if you watch his classical acting, you will melt inside. Plus, I will forever be a Loki fangirl.

tina-fey2) Tina Fey

This woman. Oh my goodness. I hope to be as funny as her someday. She has definitely been an inspiration for me as I continue to do improv through my theater group, and I just wanna hug her and watch her perform live. She’s so awesome.

PmnivIs1) Matt Smith

I feel that Doctor Who appeals to many people because they want to go on an extraordinary adventure. Matt Smith has been and probably always will be my favorite Doctor. My favorite episodes aired when he was playing the character (the all time favorite being the Van Goph one. Artist feels), and if I could only pick one person to meet in the whole world, he would be the first person that would come to mind.

I know I’m not the only one who has a list like this in the back of their heads. Comment below who you would want to meet the most! Dead or alive, it deosn’t matter! I would love to hear who you would want to hug 🙂

I hope that you enjoyed this sappy little post 😛 Have a great weekend, folks. Remember to share lots of hugs with the people you love 🙂

Until next time,


Reasons Why I Want An Office At Pixar Someday

I am not ashamed to admit that I am and always will be a Disney child, but all of my favorite movies are from a very specific part of the magical kingdom of stories: Pixar. For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to grow up to be a writer, but as I’ve grown older, I as narrowed down that dream. Someday, I would love to move out to California and work everyday as a concept artist and story-writer for my favorite animation studio, and I have the reasons why they should start clearing a space for me.

  1. I am obsessed.

No, seriously, it might be a problem. I have seen each Pixar movie at least 5 times, but I’ve seen my favorites, UP, THE INCREDIBLES, and TOY STORY, more than I can count. I always get all the questions right on those Facebook quizzes that are called stupid things like, “Hardest Pixar Quiz in Existence”. I’ve watched every behind the scenes documentary and read every book about Pixar that could get my hands on. I love their stories, and they haven’t disappointed me with one of their films.


  1. I have ideas for films to fill in “The Pixar Theory”.

Okay, so a guy who loves Pixar even more than me came up with this incredible thing called The Pixar Theory. According to this theory, all 14 films take place in the same universe, just in different points in time. It’s super interesting. If you want to hear the theory, check out this video right here:

Anyway, I have many ideas for stories that could fill in some gaps in this theory. I would post them here, but just in case Pixar people are reading this right now, I don’t want them to hear my ideas in this format. I also don’t want smucks stealing my ideas 😛 Maybe someday you all will see a movie inspired by one of my scribbles in my notebook!


  1. I wanna be part of the world changers.

Pixar is constantly pushing boundaries of technology. Just look back to the first Toy Story and compare it to the visual awesomeness that was Monster’s University. THEIR FILMS ARE BEAUITFUL! One of my favorite quotes is, “Art challenges technology; technology inspires art.” (John Lassetar) With every new project, animators have to figure out how to make thing look better, and sometimes advances in computer technology are made, all because of an animated movie! I just think that would be so cool to be a part of.



  1. Story Telling is extremely important to me.

I once had a conversation with a girl who said:

“Animated movies don’t really matter, why would anyone spend their time making them?”

Now, instead of decking her like I wanted to, I explained it to her that stories matter. A lot. Think about it this way: All of us are born with creativity. Some of us use it in a business setting, others in a classroom, and others use it in a studio. Story telling is a way to preserve a culture. Can you imagine not having the fairytales that you read as a kid? I sure can’t! Some day, people will look back on films like the ones that Pixar makes and learn things about our culture through the stories that we told. We are blessed with the gift of being able to come up with new, fantastic ideas. Not using that gift is a waste! The people at Pixar are a great example of using the gift of creativity. Their stories are brilliant, and the art makes my heart so happy. I want to be able to help bring that same joy to another kid with wild dreams.


Every now and then I think that I’m over my dream of working at Pixar. I think that it’s too ridiculous and that I’ll never leave my hometown to go pursue a crazy dream. But then I remember how much their stories mean to me. I often go to them when I’m sad, because I know that they’ll cheer me up, or when I just want to have a good laugh and appreciate life. I hope that someday I can at least meet John Lassester (one of the first people to work for Pixar who now oversees all the creativity that goes on their) and thank him for the work that he put into the movies that helped make my childhood awesome. Who knows? Maybe someday I’ll be able to look back at this post while I’m sitting in an office at Pixar and remember my once far-fetched dream.

Don’t give up on what you love. Extraordinary dreams are the best kinds to have 🙂

Until next time,


Beware The Writer

You wouldn’t think a mild-mannered, bespectacled, nerd sitting in the corner with a laptop, a pile of notes and their eighth cup of coffee wouldn’t be someone to think twice about, but that might be a mistake on your part.

Writers can be dangerous.

Why you ask?

Well I’ll tell ya.

 1) They read.

You can’t be a good writer without being a reader first. At some point, a writer was a reader, even if they don’t do it as often as they used to, but I feel that the most dangerous ones are those who continue to read into their writing career. Books give you knowledge, and knowledge is powerful, which leads me to my next point.books

2) They use the mightiest weapon

And laptops too. They enjoy laptops as well.

You’ve heard the phrase, “The pen is mightier than the sword” before I’m sure. Writers fight with words, and if you ever read a quality writer’s “angry writing”, you’ll know what I mean. Words are extremely powerful, and those who know how to craft them into beautiful collections can bring you to tears, warm your heart, or break it in two.tumblr_lreqqdFyN71r1lc3no1_1280


3) They are constantly thinking and plotting.

Alright, embarrassing story time. I, as a writer, am always listening and thinking about ideas that could be great sparks for a new story. A group of friends and I often go to McDonald’s after our theater classes on Monday night to hang out and talk. A friend of mine, who is very dramatic on and off stage, says every now and then that he’ll one day take over the world. At one point, I finally asked, “How exactly will you take over the world?” He of course didn’t reveal his plans, but that didn’t stop me from thinking about it. I got to the point where I had thought up what would happen if I started a resistance against him and who our friends would end up siding with. My friend Tori kept catching me laughing to myself as I was coming up with new “plot points”.This was Monday night, and I’m still thinking about new details four days later. I even got mad at my friend Wesley when he said that he would side with Zach instead of me because I was invested in the story that was forming in my head.

Yeah, I talk to myself. Don’t act like you don’t.

Writers often never leave the house without a notebook. Ideas come from everywhere: over hearing strangers’ conversations, silly signs, and situations that pop up during everyday life can spark a flame that might turn into a best seller someday. If you ever see one of you friends who enjoys writing zoned out and possibly giggling, they’re probably plotting something new for a future project.

Writer Photo

4) You might end up in one of their stories.

This is the most dangerous of all. Do. Not. Wrong. A. Writer. Creative people often tap into deep emotions that they’ve experienced to better their art or writing. Now, people could end up in a writer’s story in a good way, but it is very possible that someone that has hurt the author might end up being hated villain, a pathetic character, or meet a horrible end in the most brutal way. Just keep that in mind. Besides, you should be kind to your friends anyway without the threat of looking like an idiot in a novel.89a99818a6e4dc4dd7112f601bff3cec

The writers I’ve met at college are some of the most creative, amazing, and diabolical people I’ve ever met. If you have the pleasure of being friends with one, appreciate their weirdness. And watch your back. You never know when they will use you as a muse.

Until next time,


Let’s Talk About Hogwarts Houses

Alright, before we dive into this, let me give you some background knowledge of my experience in the Harry Potter fandom. I didn’t read these books until 7th grade, and when I finally read them, I devoured them in about 2 ½ weeks. While I was not involved in this fandom from a young age like many of my friends were, I still love the stories. In fact, good old J.K. is one of the people who inspires me to be an author.

JK+Rowling+JKThanks J.K. 🙂

Debate about which Hogwarts House people would be in is always fun. Every now and then, my friends and I will try and decide where our favorite Disney characters or famous actors would end up. But it’s always the most fun to imagine which house you would be in. I asked some of my friends what they thought about themselves, and here’s what I got back:

  • Katelynn: I’m technically in Ravenclaw because I’m academically motivated and like to challenge myself. I’m pretty organized and focused over all. But ideally, I would be in Hogwarts and just be Hermione Granger.
  •  Michael: Probably Slytherin. That’s what I got on Pottermore. Lol they are smart and cunning if I remember right. I wouldn’t be a bad one.
  •  Marri: Ravenclaw: I believe that I belong in the Ravenclaw house, because of how much I value knowledge and the use of knowledge in relationships. I show I care about people by remembering thing I learn about them and learning more about the the things they love so I can understand them more. I also use things I learn to help my friends and family when things get rough. Being a Ravenclaw is much more than being smart, it’s about how you use the knowledge you have.
  •  Zach: Slytherin. I’m evil and I enjoy manipulation. I’m very conceited and hold myself highly over everyone else. I am powerful.
  •  Suz: Hufflepuff! I’m a HUFFLEPUFF through and through because I’m a freakishly hard worker who is a total dork.


Now, according to the Hogwarts Wikia, these are the recognizable traits in each house.

  • Gryffindor: Bravery, Nerve, Chivalry, Courage, Daring and Strong of Will
  •  Ravenclaw: Intelligence, Wit, Wisdom, Creativity, Originality, Individuality and Acceptance
  •  Hufflepuff: Dedication, Hard Work, Fair play, Patience, Kindness, Tolerance, and Unafraid of Toil
  •  Slytherin: Traditionalism, Resourcefulness, Cunning, Ambition, Leadership qualities, Self-Preservation, Determination, Cleverness, Fraternity, and Power

I used to take every Hogwarts quiz I could find to figure out what house I would be in. When I was younger, I always wanted to be a Gryffindor. I mean, who didn’t? Gryffindors were so cool. They’re the brave ones. They got the spotlight throughout the series. And to be quite honest, I got Gryffindor more often than not, but I always picked red as my favorite color and a lion as my favorite animal. But, I did get sorted there when I joined Pottermore.

But over the past year, I’ve changed as a person. I’ve hit some awesome highs and horrible lows, and the experiences I’ve had have started to shape me into the young adult I’m growing into (though I will probably refuse to be called an adult when the time comes). It’s hard to just pick one house. I’m a pretty smart and creative person, I’m an extremely dedicated and hard working person (and apparently a good finder according to Zach), and I have a lot of ambition and I’m a natural leader. How do you only fall into one?

 Well, 1, that’s how Rowling set up her universe, and 2, you can’t spilt yourself into four people to be in four different places. You have traits that outweigh the others.

UnknownGryffindors are daring. They’re brash. They’re strong willed. The house is often associated with fire. I know that I’m a very brash person, so I relate to the fiery traits of the Gryffindors. The problem with this house is that it’s the most popular, so you’re always wondering whether or not you just want to be in the house because it’s super cool, or if you actually belong there.

Ravenclaws are the smart ones. I like to consider myself a smart human. I mean, I started college when I was 15. While I have always gotten good grades and was “good” at school, I don’t consider myself an academic person. I dunno, I guess I am, but I don’t enjoy homework. Even with writing assignments, which are my favorite to do, I don’t really get joy from doing school work (unless it’s a creative project).

UnknownHufflepuffs are often the end of jokes, which sucks because there are some awesome qualities in this house. I definitely relate to the hard-working aspect of this house, and I try to be kind to others. But I am by no means a patient person. I guess it’s part of my fiery personality, but I really need to be right. Like, all the time. And I don’t have a huge amount of patience for stupid people, which leads me to the final house.

Ah the Slytherins. It’s weird to admit that I relate a lot to the traits in this house. I’ve had to become very Unknownresourceful over the past few years with in activities that I’ve done when problems that have popped up. I’m often placed in leadership rolls, I have a lot of determination, and I’d like to think that I’m pretty clever. I would even go as far as saying that I enjoy power. Leadership is something that I really enjoy. I like being in charge, which is why I have to add on that I know that I’m a bossy person. I often think that I am right, so I want others to be doing the same thing as me, because why wouldn’t they want to be right too? I often work hard to prove myself. I want people to think that I’m important, or worthy of recognition. My pride is something I constantly battle. But I don’t feel like self-preservation is a big issue for me. I have stuck up for my friends in the past, even though it has gotten me into trouble. If you go with the thinking that all Slytherins are evil, I don’t think I would fit into that category.

Because I couldn’t make up my own mind, I let the internet do it for me. I looked around trying to find a quiz that I hadn’t done before, and I found a comprehensive test that I hadn’t taken before (link at the end of this post). I liked this one a lot because it didn’t ask for a favorite color, favorite animal, or something obvious that would link you to a certain house. I also liked that even when it asked which house you would prefer to be in,it didn’t effect your quiz results too drasticly.

My final results were ranked:

1)Gryffindor 2) Slythrien 3) Hufflepuff 4) Ravenclaw.


The description that the quiz gave me said:

“Gryffindor’s cardinal traits are bravery, pride, stubbornness and impulsiveness. Most people in the house of Gryffindor will be extroverted. (Remember, introversion is different than being shy: you can be a shy extrovert.) Gryffindors gain energy and life by being around people, grain strength from friends and enjoy working with those close to them. However, they are also emotionally volatile and can experience a wide range of feelings in a short amount of time, from unbridled happiness to deep depression to unrestrained rage. They are less emotionally stable than some of the other houses (such as Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff); Gryffindors are also impulsive. They’re also generally good-hearted and trusting, and for the most part like people at first sight unless they are given a reason not to. Gryffindors are Prideful, bad at taking criticism and easily get into conflicts with others—this is the main trait that would bring their overall level of agreeableness from high to average. A Gryffindor’s prideful nature coupled with their sense of justice and stubborn behavior causes them to be extremely set in their ways. They have a difficult time backing down from a fight or admitting that they are wrong. It’s also very hard for them to get over a bad first impression or change their opinion on someone.”

To me, this described me pretty well. While I do relate to all the other houses in different ways (some more than I thought I ever would), I still take pride in the Gryffindor House.

If you like the Harry Potter universe, I encourage you to take the quiz! It’s very well done, and you might be surprised by your results! Feel free tom comment below with your results! I’d love to see what other people think.

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Link to the Hogwarts Quiz I took:

Link to my results: 

Has Anyone Told You That You’re A Bit Weird?

How many times have you been called weird? Or someone told you that what you’re doing is really weird? Some people have probably heard it more than others. I myself have heard it many times, and for many different reasons.

“You’re in college? And you’re 16? That’s so weird!”

“It’s kind of weird that you don’t stick to one style.”

“You’re hanging out with them? People are going to think you’re weird .”

“You use Matt Smith memes to make a point? You’re such a weirdo.”

        I hear stuff like this all the time, and not just directed at me. But let me tell you something, you ready?

 Weird is not bad.


  I know, shocker. You can’t base the way that you view yourself off of what other people think. I have devised a list of three ways that you can combat the “W” word. I myself am constantly working on these, but when I do go by this list, life is so much easier.

Let's do this.
                 Let’s do this.

1) You can’t please everyone.

Let me tell you, being an art major is really risky. If you’re in the same boat as me, or you’re another fine arts major (shout out to all my musical theater major friends), you’ll get at least one or two people who will:

 1) Say that that’s a weird thing to be doing with your life

2)Ask you how you’re going to support yourself and

3) Assume that it’s just a phase, and you’ll switch to a more “practical” major

down the road.

 These are the people I want to prove wrong. They are a motivation for me to keep pushing myself to succeed. I have chosen to embrace the fact that God blessed me with a knack for creative projects and a good work ethic. Who am I to not do what God has put on my heart to do with the skills I’ve developed? If someone calls you weird for doing what you love, just remember that there are way more people out there who think what you’re doing is awesome. You just get to prove the haters wrong.

Haters gonna hate.
Haters gonna hate.

  2) Your style is your business. Embrace it!

Okay, let me tell you a story. Fellas, stick with me, I promise that there’s a point. One day at school I wore a really flowery dress. It even had pink in it. Curled my hair and everything. There was no occasion. I just felt like it. The next day, I woke up and felt no motivation to look like a fashion model. I wore a gray v-neck, leggings, a flannel around my waist and my boots that are falling apart. The spent most of the day painting, and I ended up having stains on my skin from the oils. The next day, I wore cowboy boots. Just for the heck of it. A friend of mine and I were just eating lunch and he flat out said, “I seriously can’t figure out your style. It’s different everyday and it’s really weird.”

Ladies (and gents), you can’t let clothes define you. When I was younger, I was not into clothes at all, but now that I put more of an effort in my appearance, I dress for me, not anyone else. I love expressing myself through different styles of clothes; I don’t like being put in a box. One day, I might have a hipster vibe, and the next day I could be really girly. If I wanna wear cowboy boots, I’m going to wear cowboy boots. If you like a certain type of style, fine! Stick with what you like. But if you enjoy different kinds of clothes, don’t let the restriction of being a certain kind of person stop you from feeling awesome.

People, we have to stop judging people in general, especially just by outward apperances. Once, I went into a comic book store after church while wearing a dress and my hair done and all, and the guy at the front counter talked to me like I was clueless girl who just wandered into the store. When I go in there dressed in more comfortable clothes, I don’t get talked down to like I do when wearing more girly clothes. I’m guilty of this too! I have judged people by the clothes they’re wearing, and I was surprised to find that my assumptions were dead wrong.

 Bottom Line: You do you, and don’t judge other people!

Embrace your personal style
Embrace your personal style

3) Find the right friends

This one links back to #1. You are an awesome person. As an awesome person, you should be hanging out with awesome people. If you aren’t hanging out with people who are awesome, that can cause problems. Toxic friendships can chip away at your awesomeness. I have found myself struggling with this a lot over the past few years. Being in a college atmosphere, it’s very hard to keep my language clean. It’s so much easier to let a cuss word slip now after being around people who cuss constantly. That’s just one example. Toxic friendships can pressure you into many different things, from drug and alcohol abuse to just being mean to other people.

You want to find friends who embrace your weirdness. I want people who be interested in my life and enjoy the things that I enjoy. I don’t like being called weird, so having friends that think I’m weird is not a good situation. Friends that share a mutual weirdness are the best kind of friends. They build up your awesomeness and help defend against the anti-awesomes.

True friends have your back.
True friends have your back.

  No one is normal. Normal isn’t a thing. People need to stop trying to achieve normalness, because it is not possible. I feel that that it’s more that some people are more serious, and others like to be a bit more fancy free. Both kinds of people are needed in the world. So embrace the quirks that make you the remarkable person that you were made to be! It would be a very boing world if we were all the same.

Psalm 139: 14: I praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are Your works; my soul knows it well.

Until Next Time,